The Career Launcher incorporates ongoing research on best job search techniques along with real life, hands on experience in managing an internal corporate recruiting function. Get a job instead of spending months applying to jobs without getting a response.

The Career Launcher created CareerRx™, a research based program for midcareer professionals, newly downsized job seekers, transitioning military and new college graduates because she saw candidates demoralized by the New Rules of Job Search.  Candidates report that their job searches are taking longer and longer and have become epic. If you are applying without getting responses, interviewing without getting viable offers….it’s time for a job search intervention.

The Career Launcher is a graduate of Georgetown University and has a Master of Science degree in HR Management from Loyola University Chicago. She is certified in HCI’s Strategic Workforce Planning, Behavioral Interviewing and Lominger Interview Architect.

Have you been downsized and haven’t been in the job market in years? Are you a parent of a college student getting ready to graduate and worried about their ability to get a job? Are you applying to jobs endlessly and not getting responses?  Do you have a job but want to take control of marketing your professional career on a continuous basis using social media?

I’m the Career Launcher – America’s premier job search strategy expert. I took my 20+ years of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition experience and embedded into CareerRx™.    Gone are the days where you “dust off a resume.” Instead, you must optimize your resume for LinkedIn, social media and online search, and build an Online Career Brand.

In CareerRx, you learn how to develop a keyword rich detailed resume, bio and social media profile that comes up in Recruiter searches, launch your Online Career Brand on LinkedIn, social media, job boards and successful submit online job application submissions on company Careers sites. You’ll also learn how to protect your employability. Parents, you’ll learn how important it is for your kids to monitor the search results for their name in order to get a job. Because your legal name is your employment passport.

Get more responses to your job applications and get more interviews now.