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CareerRx is a must for any executive engaged in a job search! Today’s job market is so competitive that old methods just weren’t working for me. In five sessions I updated my online career brand with a more relevant resume, biography, profile and social media strategy. I now receive more callbacks on my qualifications and have had 6 interviews in three weeks! Even better, I network everywhere I go and share my “30 second elevator speech” just about anywhere, and to anyone. This process has really clarified and simplified my job search for me.

– Kelly Richmond

Coach Tracy has already help countless people in their job search. Let her help you.

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WHY CareerRx? What is CareerRx?

If you’re lucky enough to have a career in today’s economy, often times, that job just doesn’t pay enough to fulfill your long or short term financial plans.

Do you realize that for the majority of workers, staying at the same employer for over two years on average can cost you 50% or more in lifetime earnings. This is shocking to many and should be.

According to Forbes, in a healthy economic market, an 8-10% increase in salary is about average for a job change. Other reports show as much as a 20% increase is a possibility!

So what should you do? Just up and quit your job? That’s not a reality for most people, whether due to finances, fear, or a combination of problems. You should definitely review other factors, as many people will take a pay cut to work in a positive growth-oriented work environment, so review your whole situation! After you determine whether it’s time to make a move, what’s next??

Well… it’s not the 90’s where you can search for Help Wanted postings in the newspaper, and craiglist, as well as many job board websites are full of scams… Then you finally create a your perfect resume, but all you hear back is… crickets… why? ATS Systems.

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, and these systems are used by pretty much every reputable HR professional and almost every corporation in the hiring process. An astounding 98% of resumes get rejected immediately!

So what can you do as a modern day 2017 employee trying to get that dream job or climb the corporate ladder to a dream salary? Well you can hire an expensive career coach or go to those cult-like self-improvement seminars, or, you can make a plan:

  • Organize your skillsets and career toolkit to sell yourself to employers
  • Create a keyword-rich stellar resume that is properly formatted to pass the ATS
  • Launch your online career brand on Linkedin and other Social Media
  • Dominate job boards and successfully submit applications on Careers websites

All of this is carefully explained in this FREE ebook. CareerRx – The Science of Job Search, written by Coach Tracy of The Career Launcher.

You see, Coach Tracy is an HR professional with over 20 years of experience helping thousands of people find employment opportunities that match their skillset. Coach Tracy is a graduate of Georgetown University and has a Master of Science degree in HR Management from Loyola University Chicago. She is certified in HCI’s Strategic Workforce Planning, Behavioral Interviewing and Lominger Interview Architect. To put it bluntly, she is America’s #1 Job Search Coach.

Remember, now more than ever you need to be active in maximizing your career in the long term. Here is a chance to put the odds on your side.

coach tracy

Coach Tracy – Founder of The Career Launcher

“Thank you for your assistance, which has been a blessing to me professionally and more importantly personally. For most of my career I was fortunate enough to gain employment without intense searches and going through traditional interview processes. Now that I want to go in new directions I found myself unable to clearly and strategically articulate my experience and was stalled professionally. By engaging Career Rx I was able to strategically define my thirty years of restaurant experience and wisdom and by doing so I was able to create an online profile that allowed me to leverage my career into a broader range of opportunities as a business owner and not just a job seeker. By following the methodology I have clarity and confidence in expressing my intent when submitting proposals to potential clients and they have a clear understanding of my company and what I can do for them. A once static online profile is now a vibrant online brand that people stop and look at, thus generating leads that did not come before I completed Career Rx. By completing Career Rx I am energized and excited about myself and my business enabling me to reach a broader more deep audience with confidence.” – Paul Charlotte

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