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CareerRx is a research based program and we regularly update the program with new research on job search strategies. Also follow me at @WeLaunchCareers for daily updates on new research.

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John Daly: How Résumé Bots Are Hazardous to Your Job Search  –Noozhawk

*Known as Applicant Tracking Systems or Automated Résumé Screeners, these systems often eliminate applicants before human eyes ever see their 

Catch up with 2014 job search trends –

*Video is popping up everywhere in the way that job seekers and employers find each other, especially via live video interviewing. A single example: 

How Older Job Seekers Can Use Social Media to Find Work -Comcast SportsNet Chicago

*Recruiters commonly use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find viable candidates. But if you have to have one and only one social media profile, 

*Social Media Jobs That Will Explode In 2014 –SEO specialists also use social media websites to market new content.  to share similar interests and ideals, online marketers have the perfect opportunity to  An online community manager never has the same job any single day; … -Business Insider 

*10 pieces of interview advice to get you a better job in 2014 Grid Chicago

*We did dozens of interviews just so you wouldn’t show up wearing a suit like to hire and fire have left us with a wide range of tips on how to get a job.

*How to ace a job

*You’re fed up with your current role because you have hit a glass ceiling, or perhaps you simply want to make more money. So you launched a job 

*Looking for Trouble Human Resource Executive Online

*Two recent studies bring to light the dangers of screening social media accounts, including alienating job candidates who don’t get the job — and even 

*7 Tips to Revamp Your Job Search for 2014 Mashable

*You should take special consideration to job-proof your social media  You only get one shot at your first interview, and this mistake will get you 

*How to Get the Job When You’re ‘Too Old for IT’ PayScale Career News

*Even if you have 30 years of experience in IT, the job you had 30 years ago Even the job interview process itself is changing, as more companies employ 

*See all stories on this topic »Social Network Searches Being Used Less for Background Checks  ESR NEWS

*Why are social media background checks fading as a hiring tool? First, a number of states have passed or are considering laws that prohibit an  of organizations used online search engines to screen job candidates during the 

*How to Invest in Your Career for 2014 U.S. News & World Report (blog)

*When you are willing to take your time learn new things, you’ll have an  Miriam Salpeter is a job search and social media consultant, career coach, 

*Get That Job! Nine Ways To Interview With Confidence Forbes

*Multiple studies also conclude that “attractive” job candidates get more offers and make more money. Making yourself attractive during an interview 

Interviewing for Jobs? Here’s One Piece of Indispensable Advice. Slate Magazine (blog)

*The wisdom is: When you go on a job interview, and the guy in the suit waves grandly at the drink options on the Starbucks chalk board, and asks you 

*Getting an Interview Toughest for Unemployed BusinessNewsDaily

*Getting an interview, let alone a job, was extremely tough for unemployed workers in 2013, new research shows. A study by career network 

*Taking Charge: Job search tips for older workers The Providence Journal

*Some older workers enjoy their jobs and are not ready to retire.  Consider hiring a professional resume service to help you with this important task.

*Does online screening shut out good job candidates?

*Peter Cappelli, director of the Center for Human Resources at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, says applicant tracking systems were 

*Adding Value to Social Media and Your Job Search U.S. News & World Report (blog)

*However, it’s not always clear to job seekers exactly how to make the most of these  He believes that job seekers should use social media to establish a track 

Social Media Can Help When It Comes to Finding a Job WDTV

*Experts say it’s also a great way to help you find a job uninvolved in any type of social media could also make them wonder if you even know how to use it.

The 4 Big Don’ts of Job Searching ADVANCE for LPNs

*Avoiding these job search don’ts can help you get an interview. According to a CareerBuilder report, 43% of companies use social media when screening 

*Social Media Investigations Can Lose You the Workers You Need

*Half of hiring managers pulled a job offer over “provocative” photos found  they make the correct hiring decision, and the use of social media continues to grow 

*Watch What You Do As Job Applicants On Social Media The Establishment Post

*It is not only behavior of job applicants on social media that get scrutinized. ... Try not to use the social media as your avenue to vent or your pillow to cry on, 

*15 Bizarre Things That Candidates Have Done In Job Interviews Business Insider

*We all know the standard things we should do on a job interview: show up on time, research in advance, prepare for possible questions, and make sure you 

*How getting fired can work to your advantage in a job interview

*December 09, 2013, 2:17 PM — If you were fired from your last job and are interviewing for a new one, there is one question you’re dr

*Candace Moody: What happens after you apply for that job online Florida Times-Union

*Most jobseekers have no idea how online applicant tracking systems work, so I took a look under the hood with help from an expert. First, let’s define our terms.
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