The days are over where you wait to lose your job to launch a job search. You are always searching for your next opportunity. That’s the new job seeker reality – 360 degree continuous job search.

The first place to look for new opportunities? Your current employer.

-Although you already work there, the internal application and interview process should still be taken seriously if you are an internal candidate.

-Even though your current employer is already aware of your work performance, you might have to sell yourself more than an external candidate. Sounds odd, but you will have to demonstrate with job related behavioral examples and evidence that you more than meet minimum qualifications for the role in question.
-Do your research on the new position to ensure that it is going to a good move before applying as an internal applicant.
-To get a realistic preview, network with the department you will be moving to if promoted. Find out why the previous job holder ended up leaving.
-Follow your organization’s internal transfer process including notification of your current manager and HR/Talent.
– Customize your resume for the position, and conduct the interview just as an external applicant would. Although you may know the hiring manager, bring your A game to the interview.
-Remember that if you do not get the job, you are still going to have to perform your current job. While rejection is painful, try not to take it personally. If you handle the sitaution professionally, you will be considered for other opportunities at your organization. It’s just a matter of time.
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