Forget free. Do you want free surgery? Probably not.  Do you want a “free” auto repair and then get on the highway driving 80 mph? I doubt it.

Your resume builder needs to be your wife AND mistress. It needs to do everything for you. It needs to:

  1. Optimize for hot keywords
  2. Focus on your go forward relevant toolkit sought by employers today
  3. Drives accurate parsing by all ATS Applicant Tracking Systems
  4. Deals with bots effectively so you make it through the bot keyword prescreen
  5. Embeds a bio at the top to deal with the 6-second Resume Rule and Top of the Fold focus by readers
  6. Employs the Science of Job Search and doesn’t use valuable Resume Real Estate with filler
  7. Grabs the reader by effectively nailing the job posting

Then why trust your career with the lowest level of coverage?

Think of your resume builder as an insurance policy, resume content management system and tool for continuous job search.

Why Free ResumeBuilders Are Junk

  1. They don’t have a bio section at the top. Failing the top of the fold test.
  2. They use weird, funky formatting that most applicant tracking systems cannot parse from effectively.
  3. They are too general and don’t allow you to customize against the job in question.
  4. They don’t display professional history and job bullets effectively.

The worse free resume builder crimes are that they forget their purpose. They don’t include field driven asections that are the differentiating factors that allow candidates to stand out:



Business Travel

Project Management

Supervisory and Team Leadership

Board and Significant Community Experience

360 Degree Job Search

Most people spend more time formatting their online dating profile than their resume. You should rethink your resume. It’s a living document that allows you to constantly apply to upgrade your career. As you gain skills, you update.

Use a resume builder that will grow with your career.