Forbes indicates that 98 out of 100 job applications are rejected.  Typically candidates are submitting a general resume and are not customizing the content to reflect the requirements of the job for which they are applying.  In CareerRx™ training, I recommend the following for optimizing your resume to dramatically increase the number of responses you receive to online job applications.

Resume Optimization Is About Customization

1. Make sure to embed a one paragraph bio at the top of your resume that nails the job description

2. When applying for jobs online, customize your resume to directly address all of the requirements listed in the job posting.

3. Think of the job posting as an RFP (Request for Proposal) and your resume is the proposal. You would never submit a boilerplate, generic proposal to an RFP and the same goes for your online job applications.

Resume Optimization Is About Identifying Transferable Skills

4. As time goes on, you should review your resume and delete content that is no longer relevant due to changes in technology.

5. Your resume should highlight the “toolkit” of professional work experience, education, certifications, knowledge, skills and training that is current, relevant and critical to success in the job for which you are applying.

Want more ways to optimize your resume? 

Try these:

1.     Embed the exact language which was included in the job description in your resume
2.     Delete graphics or images
3.     Use basic, web friendly fonts
4.     Emphasize your keywords that relate to the requirements for the job
5.     Remove all information that is irrelevant to the job for which you are applying
6.     Avoid special characters, including anything other than standard bullets
7.     Use simple templates without fancy borders or shading
8.    Bulk up your skills section and include industry-specific abbreviations and acronyms
9.    Build a customized professional summary around the position for which you are applying
10.  Ensure that spelling and grammar are double checked for accuracy
11.  Embed all of your contact information at the top
12.  Customize each and every resume you send out to best fit the job description

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About The Career Launcher

After spending years managing Talent Acquisition for Fortune 500 companies, Tracy created her CareerRx™ program along with ResumeGenie™ for resume optimization.

In her CareerRx™ online webinar, Tracy reveals how recruiting and job search has been transformed by new recruiting technology including applicant tracking systems, social media, LinkedIn Recruiter, and how we must change our definition of “job search” to launch and continuously promote an Online Career Brand.

With over 20 years of hands on direct recruitment experience, Tracy demystifies the online job application process and offers job seekers a comprehensive program to jump start their job searches. She provides an insider’s perspective to what companies are seeking from candidates in the interview process.

When it comes to your career, you can’t sit on the sidelines in this social media revolution. It’s time for you to go beyond the resume.