Candidates often spend time uploading a resume, cover letter plus providing references before every speaking to a human. Only to submit them online and then they never hear anything back.
After candidates submit a resume and apply online, over 98% of the time, their application is rejected.
That’s right.
Even if they advance in the process, Recruiters may wait weeks before scheduling interviews, increasing candidate dissatisfaction due to the lengthy wait time in between application submission and interviews.

Optimize Your Resume To Avoid the Resume Black Hole

Various factors, including the size of the company, Talent Acquisition team, and format of the submission might cause your resume to be rejected prior to the phone interview with a Recruiter. (Adams, 2012)
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Most imporantly, to optimize your resume, ensure that the document you submit online directly nails the required skills and education listed in the job posting. The best way to do that is to embed an easily customized bio at the top of your resume that includes your title, functional area, industries and all other critical information typically included in a job posting.


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About The Career Launcher

After spending years managing Talent Acquisition for Fortune 500 companies, The Career Launcher created the CareerRx™ program along with ResumeGenie™ for resume optimization.

In CareerRx™, she reveals how recruiting and job search has been transformed by recruiting technology including applicant tracking systems, social media, LinkedIn Recruiter, and how we must change our definition of  “job search” to launch and continuously promote an Online Career Brand.

With over 20 years of hands-on direct recruitment experience, The Career Launcher demystifies the online job application process and offers job seekers a comprehensive program to jump start their job searches. She provides an insider’s perspective to what companies are seeking from candidates in the interview process.

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