Applicant tracking systems, online job applications and prescreening questions embedded in the ATS have transformed Recruitment and it’s time that you worked with them, not against them if you are serious about landing a great job.

What is An Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are web-based portals that streamline the tracking of candidates, requisitions and hiring. They are the front end that candidates see – Careers landing pages – and the backend candidate workflow and databases that allow Recruiters to move a candidate from initial online application through
•They are the front end that candidates see – Careers landing pages and Talent Community – and the backend candidate workflow and databases that allow Recruiters to move a candidate from initial online application through offer and preboarding all in one system.
•Companies use them to track all current and past applicants in order to build a candidate database
•Many applicant tracking systems are fully integrated with social media from Linkedin to Twitter, allowing companies to blast their jobs feed across multiple platforms

Applicant Tracking Systems Increase Productivity

•Applicant tracking systems expedite the recruiting process and quickly disposition unqualified applicants with prescreening functionality.
•Applicant tracking systems allow Recruiters to focus on candidates who match the job description and possess the required skills for the job.

Applicant Tracking System Tips for Candidates

Only apply for jobs you match. It’s that simple. No Hail Mary pass applications hoping someone might take a chance and call a candidate who does not meet minimum qualifications for a role.

Spellcheck all of your online applications on applicant tracking systems. Do not submit an application filled with errors.

Have fun. That’s right. When you apply for jobs that you actually can do, it’s a lot more fun than submitting 500 online applications on an applicant tracking system that are going to be rejected.

Online Job Applications

Hate answering prescreening questions when you complete online job applications?  Research has shown that candidates dislike prescreening questions while Recruiters love the productivity gains derived from this applicant tracking system functionality.

•65% of the Top 100 companies ask prescreening questions in online job applications through their Careers site hiring portal
•Prescreening questions are designed to determine if a candidate is eligible in general for employment and also if they meet the minimum requirements for the role in question
Prescreening is necessary for companies given the dramatic increase of unqualified applicants applying for jobs on company Careers sites

Prescreening Increases Productivity

•Prescreening responses dramatically increase Recruiter productivity, allowing the Recruiter to focus their limited time on candidates whose skills are the strongest match for the role
•It is critically important for candidates to answer each prescreening question honestly. Recruiters will be able to determine if the candidate was not truthful in their online job application upon reviewing the resume and this typically results in immediate disqualification.


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